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The Aibel logo
The positive (blue) version of the Aibel logo should always be used against a white backdrop. When placing the logo on a picture or a dark background, the reversed (white) version is to be used.

Logo protection zone
For the logo to achieve maximum impact, it’s important to leave space around it. This space is referred to as the protection zone and no other printed matter should be allowed to enter it. The protection zone is equivalent to the height of the letter “a” in the Aibel logo.

Alternative logos/symbols
The logo Aibel must always stand alone, unless otherwise prior agreement and approval by Aibel’s communications department.
The Aibel logo should never be redrawn, distorted, re-colored or re-shaped in any way.

 Should there be any need for exceptions, please contact the communications department at communications@aibel.com

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File formats – explanation

PNG is used for screen and print (word, power-point, etc.). Png is transparent and can be placed on an image without getting a white background behind.

SVG is used for display. These are vectorized files that can be enlarged without losing quality.

AI and PDF are used for offset printing, signs, flags and foil. These are vectorized files that can be enlarged without losing quality. PDF can be opened/read by most users.

For more information or if any questions, please contact communications@aibel.com